United Systems Seeks Energetic Individuals to Join Team

United Systems, a top provider of customer acquisitions for the telecom sector, is actively recruiting new talent to join their growing team. The firm's leaders described the opportunities and qualities sought in candidates.

​Chris, United Systems’ President, stated that individuals who rise above in a crowd and delight in going the extra mile are perfect fits for the firm. He expressed that this is not an ordinary career experience. In particular, he stressed that the firm’s immersive training style allows incoming team members to quickly master the skills needed to execute outreach campaigns that position their national service partners for rapid results.

As Chris continued, the United Systems’ office culture is focused on growth across the board. Not only do they seek to expand markets for the companies they represent, but they’re committed to ensuring team members are positioned to continually advance in their careers. Chris emphasized that with the resources they have in the office, as well as chances to learn from other regions and through national conferences and retreats, each person has ample access to what they require for lasting professional success. All they need is to bring their own ambition.

United Systems’ President Describes Key Qualities Sought in Candidates

Chris described the United Systems culture as team-centric, which means that people who join the firm should enjoy collaboration and working as part of a group. There are common goals as well as individual objectives to be met, which is why teamwork is a vital part of the experience here.

The other qualities that Chris seeks in candidates include a willingness to learn. The firm’s training is centered on coaching, which includes feedback and guidance from those who have ascended to higher levels. Incoming people should be prepared to absorb a great deal of knowledge during their earliest days from these pros.

Another trait that Chris deems a must for team members is positivity. There’s a distinct energy in this office that comes from people who are excited about the work they are doing each day. The individuals he and the hiring managers select to add to this high-powered group need to embrace an optimistic mind-set.

This is a fast-paced industry, so Chris recommends that applicants be agile and willing to adapt to new situations and opportunities that arise. He believes that flexibility is a core value that can determine a person’s ability to thrive.

Chris welcomes individuals who believe they have the right talent and skills to apply at www.unitedsystemsincorporated.com. He looks forward to meeting high-energy people who are hungry for a lucrative career in a thriving market.

About United Systems:
United Systems is Boston’s go-to partner for customer acquisitions. This team specializes in custom product presentations that position leading internet, telecom, and fiber optics solution providers for rapid growth. The firm has highly trained ambassadors who know how to connect customers on a meaningful level because of their market research and interactive strategy. They’re masters at increasing market share while developing a loyal base for the leading telecom providers they serve. United Systems’ reputation for excellent service and value makes them a sought-after consulting and marketing resource for companies of all sizes. See where they’re creating impact together by visiting unitedsystemsincorporated.com.

Source: United Systems